E-Book How To Be A Holistic Digital Marketer


Learn from tips and strategies for successfully persuading and influencing people to try and buy your products or services via social media, blogs, and many more tactics. Understand how blogging builds reputation and how video content can make or break your brand on social media. It’s a must-read for any serious digital marketer, written by Marketing Communications Consultant Sarah Fenwick, who has been working in senior positions in online marketing since 2004, before social media was even born. Expert tips from an expert. Download your E-Book How To Be A Holistic Digital Marketer by Sarah Fenwick!HOLISTIC


What does holistic really mean in marketing? Is it just a buzz word, or something
that can be applied in concrete ways? In its traditional sense, being holistic means applying the values of love, gratitude,
positivity and compassion and looking at life in a spiritual way. It is the opposite of
materialism, which when taken to the extreme, means excessive greed, and selfishness.
The word holistic has a another connotation, meaning unified or all-in-one, and it’s
these two perspectives – the all-encompassing, broad view and, taking it a step further,
the spreading of positive vibes – that I want to explore with you in my E-Book How
To Be a Holistic Digital Marketer.

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