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Sarah Fenwick, a leading marketing consultant and co-founder of the Cyprus-based digital marketing communications consultancy Jazz Arts & Communications, has released the new must-read E-Book ‘How To Be A Holistic Digital Marketer’.

Social media marketing becomes ever more important to the success of corporations and individuals, but as it grows, it is becoming increasingly complex. To guide companies which are seeking social media marketing success, Sarah Fenwick has released a new E-Book ‘How To Be A Holistic Digital Marketer’, focusing on the relationship-building aspect of marketing, and offering tips and successful approaches to managing social media campaigns and customer relations.

Sarah Fenwick comments: ā€œNow that social media, or community media, have become so important in marketing, it’s equally important to understand that holistic values are key to persuading members of the community to buy your products or services. In effect, social media brings you into a dialogue with your potential customer that is much closer in nature than television or newspapers, it brings you into a direct relationship with a member of the community.ā€

Learn strategies for successfully persuading and influencing people to try and buy your products or services via social media, blogs, and many more tactics that work in the digital age. Understand how blogging builds reputations and how video content can make or break your brand on social media. Making the shift from traditional marketing to digital marketing has been difficult for many companies and individuals ā€“ this E-book answers many questions on making the transition, and is a must-read for any serious digital marketer.

Marketing communications consultant Sarah Fenwick has been working in senior positions in online marketing since 2004, before social media was even born, and brings a wealth of diverse experience to her new E-Book. Her experience includes many successful online marketing projects in Forex and Binaries, Music, Media, and Online Gaming. Her parallel careers as a jazz singer and journalist contribute creativity and editorial experiences to her marketing consultancy work, which includes building digital marketing departments, Content Strategy, Social Media Marketing Strategy, Search Engine Marketing Strategy and Search Engine Optimisation Strategy. Ā 

‘How To Be A Holistic Digital Marketer’ can be purchased for 25 Euros from Jazz Arts & Communications website:


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